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Kelli Carmack, Program Coordinator
Kelli is the founder of this program, which has been birthed out of her background experience as an educator, healer, mental health professional, and wilderness therapy guide in a substance abuse treatment program. Kelli has worked with youth and adults of various ages and has been blessed with many indigenous teachings. She utilizes her experience to provide this service to encourage the highest development of participating individuals who will then contribute to the beautiful evolution of our human species. She feels her purpose in life is to be a vessel of connection between individuals and the natural world that exists within and all around them and to make a positive imprint on the next 7 generations. 
Johnny SewDev, Facilitator
Johnny lives his life in deep connection with the natural world. He enjoys stretching himself to live intimately and sufficiently with the primitive ways. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding primitive skills and especially enjoys building primitive shelters. 
Annie SewDev, Facilitator

Indigenous peoples from all over the globe have spoken of this present day from the moments before the concept of time existed. The Iroquois prophecy of the Seventh Generation states that within seven generations of European contact all would see the day when the trees would die from the tops down, that strange animals would be born deformed and without the proper limbs, huge stone monsters would tear open the face of the earth, the rivers would burn and the air would burn the eyes of man. The prophecy also speaks about the time when the birds would fall from the sky, the fish would die in the water, and the human species would grow ashamed of the way that they had treated the earth. Out of this devastation, it is said that the focus would turn back to the indigenous ways of living in balance and harmony with each other and the Earth and that the leadership would fall into the hands of the youth of this Seventh Generation. In addition, all of this would be the background to the evolution of the human species.

Within this generation are children emerging who have been commonly labeled as Indigo Children and Crystal Children and have been diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar, or fall on the Autism Spectrum. Children born after the year 1989 (and even many born slightly before) are said to have the consciousness that we, as a species, are transforming into. To evolve beyond labels and diagnosis, many are referring to them as “the new children”. These new children are wired for spiritual connection, earth connection, and human connection. However, they are often suppressed and end up seeking solitude in destructive behaviors such as substance abuse. This school is designed for prevention and intervention of the self-defeating patterns with the intention of empowering our youth to embrace the gift of their true self and fulfill their purpose on the planet.

Annie lives her life in deep connection with the natural world and, along with a background in education she is also an herbalist. Annie provides a wealth of knowledge about the local flora and fauna and how to live simply in cooperation with the environment.
Marlis Elbers, Naturalist
Marlis carries a deep passion for and wisdom of the natural world. She has grown up studying and utilizing the flora and fauna in her environment. A walk in the woods with Marlis is always an investigative stroll where she is sure to point out an interesting fact (or two, or ten) about something you might have walked on past or even stepped on. Want to know what that funny looking plant is growing alongside the trail? Just ask Marlis!  

Rupee, The Mayor
Rupee is a 14 year-old Jack Russell, Fox Terrier mix and is the mayor of her community. She prides herself as an elder who still maintains a youthful presence. She loves leading guests on hikes, chasing a tennis ball, making sure all feel welcome, and her new role of being the wise teacher for Tatem. Her talents include Zen meditation, breakdancing, and political campaigning.  

Tatem, The Monkey
Tatem is still in her first year on the planet and is a Lab, Terrier mix. She absolutely LOVES people and can always be counted upon for a good laugh. She enjoys spending quality time with Rupee and learning all kinds of new things. Her talents include digging holes, shredding tennis balls, and making monkey sounds. 
Some Faces You Are Sure to See!